IT is ironic that in this age of self-driving cars and smart handphone watches, more than two billion people in the world today (source: UN News) rely on a 5,000-year old system for wellness and fitness! And that number is growing every year as the world celebrated the 5th International Day of Yoga which was held from 15th to 25th June 2019 in Singapore. The inaugural event was held at an iconic Singapore landmark the Gardens by the Bay and officiated by HE Jawed Ashraf the Indian High Commissioner in Singapore. The High Commissioner joined about 100 enthusiasts, who were led in the yoga exercises by volunteers from Vyasa Yoga Singapore. In a brief welcome speech, the High Commissioner expressed his satisfaction with the fact that this year’s event is even bigger than last year as “this year we have grown to 130 centres and 200 sessions over last year’s 100 centres and 130 sessions. This is a record for the world as I do not think there is any other city where the International Day of Yoga is being celebrated on this scale. While there will be very large scale events against iconic backgrounds such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Trafalgar Square or Hyde Park in London, or Times Square in New York… I think our objective is to take yoga to the community. We are very pleased that in Singapore we are celebrating yoga not just at iconic places but also in community centres, in schools, in colleges, universities, in health care centres, and even in mental health facilities.”