Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong launches NAIS 2.0, outlining Singapore’s renewed commitment to responsible AI development and innovation at the Singapore Conference on AI.

Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong officially launched Singapore’s second National AI Strategy (NAIS 2.0) at the inaugural Singapore Conference on AI (SCAI). The event, held from December 4 to 6, brought together over 100 AI experts from academia, industry, and government, both locally and internationally.

The original National AI Strategy, introduced in 2019, laid out plans to deepen AI integration across various sectors. Over the years, Singapore witnessed significant advancements in AI, prompting the need for an updated strategy. NAIS 2.0 aims to harness AI for the collective economic and social advancement of Singapore over the next three to five years. The launch took place at the opening dinner of SCAI, emphasizing the synergy between the strategy and the conference’s theme, “For the Global Good.”

NAIS 2.0 focuses on two key goals: excellence and empowerment. Under the excellence pillar, Singapore aims to develop peaks of AI expertise to address global challenges, including population health and climate change. Simultaneously, the empowerment goal seeks to equip individuals, businesses, and communities to use AI responsibly, fostering confidence, discernment, and trust.

The Singapore government envisions AI as a tool for the public good, both nationally and globally. Recognizing the transformative potential of AI, the strategy emphasizes responsible and sustainable management to mitigate risks associated with cyber threats and misinformation.

In tandem with the NAIS 2.0 launch, the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) and Smart Nation Group, in collaboration with Topos Institute, organized the inaugural SCAI. This conference, held from December 4 to 6, aims to address critical questions in AI development. More than 40 experts from academia, industry, and government convened to identify key challenges, including accuracy, bias, and resource efficiency. The conference will culminate in a press conference on December 6 to announce the SCAI Questions, with a hope to inspire global collaboration in tackling these challenges.

Source – Smart Nation Singapore