G20 India’s 3rd Education Working Group meeting concluded in Bhubaneswar with a focus on ensuring the betterment of learners through skilling, upskilling, and reskilling.

The G20 India’s 3rd Education Working Group (EdWG) meeting concluded on April 28th, with a commitment to bettering learners’ education through skilling, upskilling, and reskilling. The three-day meeting and seminar, held from April 26th to 28th, focused on priority area 3, which is building capacities and promoting lifelong learning in the context of the future of work.

High-ranking officials and delegates from 27 countries, including G20 members and international organizations such as UNICEF, UNESCO, and OECD, attended the seminar. The event featured panel discussions on building an agile response to the needs of labor markets, creating pathways between higher and vocational education, and equipping children with future skills for lifelong learning.

Multimedia Exhibition

Union Minister of State for Education, Shri Subhas Sarkar, delivered the inaugural address, emphasizing the importance of investing in education and skill development to prepare people for the 21st century. Participants also shared their country’s policies and initiatives on vocational education and training and discussed challenges related to the future of work.

Along with the seminar, a multimedia exhibition on the future of work was also held, which was open to local institutions, students, academicians, and researchers. The exhibition featured key participants from various industries, academia, government agencies, startups, and multilateral agencies, showcasing large technology exhibits and experience zones.

Participants of G20 visits Konark Sun Temple

The G20 EdWG meeting successfully raised awareness about the G20’s important work and facilitated the preparation of outcome documents for the Education Minister’s Meeting in June. The event also included various Jan Bhagidari events, such as mock G20s and other activities that engaged students and citizens.

The meeting concluded with an excursion component, where delegates visited the Konark Sun Temple and enjoyed cultural performances in Puri. As a token of appreciation, they were given patachitra paintings to commemorate their visit to Bhubaneswar.

The G20 EdWG meeting was a success, promoting important discussions on education and lifelong learning in the context of the future of work.

Sourced from G20