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Saudi Arabia cements its position as a global cybersecurity leader, securing second place in the Cybersecurity Index, reflecting its unwavering efforts and initiatives to protect national security and foster a thriving digital economy.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has once again demonstrated its commitment to cybersecurity excellence by securing the second position in the global Cybersecurity Index, as revealed in the World Competitiveness Yearbook (WCY) for 2023. The Swiss-based International Institute for Management Development (IMD) recognized Saudi Arabia’s significant achievements in cybersecurity, further solidifying the nation’s status as a global leader in this critical field. With an overall ranking of 17th, climbing seven places from the previous year, Saudi Arabia showcases its comprehensive approach to fostering national security and sustainable development.

The impressive accolades bestowed upon Saudi Arabia by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) are a testament to the collective efforts of entities such as the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA). As a key national security enabler, the NCA has played a pivotal role in establishing a robust and sustainable cybersecurity ecosystem within the Kingdom. The nation’s proactive initiatives have garnered recognition from renowned organizations, including the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), which designated Saudi Arabia as a global leader in cybersecurity, ranking it second on the Global Cyber Security Index.

The National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) serves as the primary national authority for addressing cybersecurity concerns in Saudi Arabia. Its primary objective is to fortify the country’s cyberspace, safeguard national security, and protect vital state interests. The NCA assumes responsibility for defending critical infrastructure, prioritizing economic sectors, and securing government services and activities from potential cyber threats. Furthermore, the NCA sets essential standards for licensing the import, export, and usage of hardware and software, ensuring compliance with stringent cybersecurity regulations. Through its diligent work, the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) plays a pivotal role in creating a secure and thriving economy that guarantees the prosperity of Saudi Arabia and its people. By maintaining rigorous standards and enforcing cybersecurity protocols, the NCA ensures the protection of sensitive data and critical systems, instilling confidence in businesses, investors, and citizens alike. The authority’s efforts empower Saudi Arabia to remain resilient in the face of evolving cyber threats, enabling sustained economic growth and development.

Saudi Arabia’s exceptional performance in the global Cybersecurity Index, securing the second spot, highlights the nation’s unwavering commitment to maintaining a secure digital environment. The recognition by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) further solidifies Saudi Arabia’s position as a global leader in cybersecurity. With entities like the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) spearheading initiatives, the Kingdom continues to establish a sound and sustainable cybersecurity ecosystem. By prioritizing national security and safeguarding vital interests, Saudi Arabia is laying the foundation for a prosperous future, while inspiring other nations to follow suit in fortifying their cybersecurity frameworks.

Sourced from Saudi Press Agency