Source: Netball World Cup

South Africa eagerly prepares to host the Netball World Cup 2023 with the SPAR Proteas ready for the challenge.

South Africa is gearing up to host the historic Netball World Cup 2023, marking the first time the tournament will take place in Africa. The SPAR Proteas, South Africa’s netball team, are well-prepared for the competition, with head coach Norma Plummer leading a rigorous training regime. Plummer, a veteran in the sport and a former world cup winner as both player and coach for Australia, expressed her satisfaction with the team’s progress, saying, “We are working on two training sessions a day now, just to fast-track the combinations on the court.” The tournament, hosted by the City of Cape Town, is expected to garner massive public support and publicity for netball in the country.

As the excitement builds for NWC2023, Plummer highlighted the crucial role played by Netball South Africa in rallying public support for the team. The home ground advantage is expected to be a significant boost for the SPAR Proteas. Plummer stated, “When we walk into the stadium, it will be a great thing for them [the players] to have the support that they normally would not have. The visitors will enjoy [what] has been put together by the organisation [Netball South Africa].” With growing support from both men and women, netball is gaining popularity in the country, which bodes well for attracting more sponsors and further elevating the sport’s profile.

The SPAR Proteas team manager, Nisha Rupnarain, expressed gratitude to the sponsors and the City of Cape Town for their support in preparing for the event. Rupnarain acknowledged the hard work put in by the city and emphasized that the excitement among players and fans is building up. With the tournament set to captivate the nation, the collaborative efforts of sponsors, Netball South Africa, and the government are essential in ensuring the success of the Netball World Cup 2023. As the host, South Africa is eager to showcase not only the skill and determination of its team but also the country’s passion for netball and its ability to organize a world-class sporting event.

Sourced from South Africa News Agency