Source: Ghana News Agency

Enterprise Singapore announces plans to launch a Singapore-branded e-commerce mall and supermarket in Ghana, bringing over 50 Singaporean brands to the country and fostering trade partnerships.

Enterprise Singapore, the government agency responsible for promoting trade between Africa and Singapore, has announced plans to launch a Singapore-branded supermarket and e-commerce mall in Ghana. The initiative, in collaboration with Singaporean company Vega, Maxmart supermarket, and Jumia e-commerce platform, aims to bring over 50 Singaporean brands to Ghana, fostering employment opportunities for Ghanaians, especially the youth. Ms Jean Ng, the Regional Director for Enterprise Singapore, West Africa, emphasized that the move would also facilitate increased trade partnerships between Ghanaian and Singaporean companies.

Furthermore, Enterprise Singapore is committed to promoting technology transfer in green building solutions by partnering with Ghanaian Company, Merchants Company of West Africa (MECOWA). They will establish a hub to provide training for Ghanaian developers in the Built Environment Sector, encouraging the incorporation of green building practices in commercial developments in the region. “From our keen interaction with industry leaders in the building and construction space, we have noticed that there has been a general increase in awareness, and they want to incorporate the green agenda in commercial developments in the region,” said Ms Jean Ng.

The announcement comes as the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is being implemented, presenting opportunities for collaboration in economic diversification, trade, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), processing, and manufacturing. In line with this, the upcoming Africa Singapore Business Forum (ASBF) is scheduled for August 29 – 31, 2023. Themed “Driving Africa’s Growth through Digitalisation, Manufacturing, and Sustainability,” the forum aims to foster private sector business collaborations on the continent.

Mr. Ragul Ghosh, the Sub-Saharan Africa Director for Enterprise Singapore, highlighted the relevance of Singaporean expertise to companies in Africa, given the similar development trajectory of Asia and Africa. He emphasized that with increased partnerships, African companies can deploy their solutions in Asia and utilize Singapore as a gateway to the Asian market.

Enterprise Singapore has established three overseas centers in Africa, namely in Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya, to facilitate trade and investment opportunities by building business networks and connecting African companies with relevant Singapore partners. Presently, there are more than 100 Singaporean companies operating across 50 countries, including Ghana, across various sectors such as oil and gas, fast-moving consumer goods, and agribusiness.

Sourced from Ghana News Agency