Join the People Association’s annual Chingay Parade on 23 and 24 February 2024, themed “Blossom,” as it unfolds a vibrant tapestry of multicultural performances, community floats, and art installations, symbolizing the growth of individuals and communities coming together

THE People Association’s (PA) iconic Chingay Parade is set to return on 23rd and 24th February 2024, bringing the city to life with the theme “Blossom.” This eagerly anticipated multicultural extravaganza will showcase Singapore’s rich cultural tapestry, artistic talent, and collective spirit.

With an audience of up to 32,000 over two nights, the Parade will feature 3,500 performers, 17 community-made floats, and five Chingay large floats. A highlight of Chingay 2024 is the introduction of Singapore’s longest (230m) interactive floor projection ever for a street parade. Attendees can also immerse themselves in the PAssionArts Street, featuring community art installations co-created by residents and community artists.

Jimmy Toh, Chief Executive Director of PA, expressed his excitement, stating, “Chingay 2024 will use the metaphor of blooming flowers to reflect our people’s spirit of togetherness and growth as one community and a showcase of the flourishing vibrant talent of our diverse communities and beyond.”

The theme “Blossom” represents the growth, transformation, and flourishing of individuals and communities. The Parade, consisting of six acts, will be narrated by two main characters – the Gardener of Singapore and the Flower Fairy.

Chingay 2024 remains committed to community engagement and co-creation. In addition to the main Chingay Floats, 17 Community Floats under the PAssionArts programme will feature artworks created by residents, grassroots organizations, and community partners. This collaborative effort aims to turn floats into magical floral gardens, reflecting the community’s unique interpretation of the parade’s theme.

As part of the Chingay National Education (NE) Community Engagement Programme, seven schools will create flower-themed art installations using recycled materials. These installations will be displayed near/around the F1 Pit Building, transforming the space with floral art pieces based on students’ interpretations of “Blossom.”

For an immersive experience, Chingay 2024 invites the public to visit the PAssionArts Street @ Chingay at the F1 Pit Building, featuring community art installations from the PAssionArts Festival 2023. The PAssionArts Street will be open from 23 to 25 February 2024, creating a fun and interactive experience for all.

Beyond the F1 Pit Parade, residents can look forward to Chingay@Heartlands celebrations, bringing the Chingay experience closer to the community. Large floats, community floats, stage performances, and roving performers will parade through various residential estates over several weekends from 25 February 2024.

Tickets for Chingay Parade 2024 will be available for sale from 8 December 2023 onwards, with PAssion Card members enjoying a 20% discount on all admission tickets.

Source – People’s Association