Ministers from Saudi Arabia and Singapore convene at Davos to discuss collaboration in digital innovation and economic development

(Photo: Saudi Press Agency)

SAUDI Arabia’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Abdullah Al-Swaha, engaged in discussions with his Singaporean counterpart, Josephine Teo, during the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday 17th January 2024. The meeting aimed to explore avenues for bolstering the strategic partnership between the two nations, particularly in the realms of digital economy, emerging technologies, and digital government.

Both ministers underscored the significance of fostering innovation and advancing digital initiatives within the framework of the Saudi-Singapore Joint Committee. Their dialogue emphasized the mutual interests shared by both countries, including the facilitation of joint markets, promotion of technical investments, advancement of the digital sector, and intensified collaboration in research and development of cutting-edge technologies.

The discussions highlighted a commitment to mutual growth and prosperity through collaborative efforts in digital transformation. Al-Swaha and Teo emphasized the importance of leveraging each other’s strengths to drive innovation and enhance the digital ecosystem. Their exchange underscored the shared vision of harnessing technology to stimulate economic development and societal progress.

Particular attention was given to exploring opportunities for joint ventures and investment ventures aimed at catalyzing digital advancement in both countries. The ministers expressed optimism about the potential for deeper cooperation, recognizing the transformative power of technology in shaping the future of economies and societies.

As the World Economic Forum served as a platform for global dialogue and collaboration, the meeting between Saudi Arabia and Singapore reaffirmed their commitment to working together to seize opportunities in the digital age. Their discussions laid the groundwork for future partnerships and initiatives aimed at driving innovation, fostering economic resilience, and promoting digital inclusion.

Source: Arab News