At the Singapore Children’s Society Appreciation Dinner, SM Teo Chee Hean praised continuous community support and highlighted the vital role of social services in child welfare.

Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security, Teo Chee Hean, expressed his gratitude and admiration for the supporters of the Singapore Children’s Society during the 1000 Enterprises for Children-in-Need and 1000 Philanthropists Appreciation Dinner held on 17 April 2024. The event celebrated the enduring efforts of donors and community members dedicated to supporting children and youth-in-need across Singapore.

Addressing a distinguished audience, including Prof Ho Lai Yun, Deputy Chairman of the Singapore Children’s Society, and various generous sponsors, SM Teo highlighted the crucial contributions of the Society over its 72-year history. The organization has significantly impacted children’s welfare through comprehensive services ranging from community outreach to research and advocacy.

SM Teo emphasized the government’s commitment to child welfare through programs like KidStart and ComLink+, designed to provide extensive support to children and families in need. He acknowledged the indispensable role of social service agencies like the Singapore Children’s Society in offering specialized care and attention that governmental programs alone cannot fully address.

The evening also underscored the Society’s innovative approach to mental health, helping children, youth, and their families through prevention, early intervention, and recovery services. The Society has been instrumental in bringing together community partners to support families-in-need in gaining stability and independence.

In 2023, the 1000 Enterprises for Children-in-Need and 1000 Philanthropists programs raised a significant $8.8 million, demonstrating the community’s unwavering commitment to supporting child welfare initiatives. SM Teo praised the philanthropic spirit shown by long-standing donors since the inception of these programs in 2009 and 2014, respectively.

Highlighting global uncertainties and crises, SM Teo praised the Singaporean community’s unity and resilience, emphasizing the importance of maintaining internal harmony and focusing on collaborative aid efforts rather than allowing external conflicts to cause division within the country.

SM Teo concluded his speech by thanking the board members, volunteers, management, and staff of the Singapore Children’s Society, particularly social workers, counsellors, and care staff, whose dedication ensures that the children and families they support can look forward to a brighter future.

The appreciation dinner not only recognized the critical financial contributions of its donors but also reaffirmed the collective commitment to nurturing a caring, inclusive society that can withstand global challenges and thrive together.

Source – PMO