A new study highlights significant job creation, health improvements, and environmental benefits from the Green and Digital Shipping Corridor between Singapore, Los Angeles, and Long Beach.

A year after the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), and the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a Green and Digital Shipping Corridor (GDSC), a new study reveals promising outcomes. Conducted by the American Bureau of Shipping and commissioned by C40 alongside the ports, the study forecasts increased green jobs, improved health for local communities, and economic growth through the use of zero and near-zero emission fuels along the maritime route.

The study provides a comprehensive analysis of maritime trade flows and energy demands up to 2050, aligning with the goals set at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2023. It estimates the quantity of alternative fuels needed, such as methanol and ammonia, and projects significant environmental benefits including a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing nearly 320,000 cars annually.

Singapore, Los Angeles, and Long Beach, key players in the trans-Pacific shipping lane, are leveraging this corridor to transition towards greener maritime operations. With an emphasis on zero and near-zero emission fuels and digital solutions, the corridor could create over 700 new jobs by 2030, focusing on fuel production and supply chains.

The partnership further aims to develop green and digital solutions that enhance safety, emergency response, and operational efficiency. Initiatives include scaling up energy efficiency measures, such as route optimization and wind-assisted propulsion, and advancing digital technologies for monitoring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions.

The ports also actively participate in C40’s Green Ports Forum, advocating for global collaboration in the maritime sector’s transition to greener practices. Future discussions and developments will continue at the Accelerating Digitalisation and Decarbonisation Conference, part of Singapore Maritime Week 2024, providing a platform for further advancing these innovative environmental initiatives.

Source – MPA