The Sri Lanka High Commission in Singapore celebrated Vesak with religious activities, including alms giving and Dhamma Sermons, fostering spiritual reflection and community unity.

This year, the Sri Lankan High Commission in Singapore celebrated Vesak with a number of religious ceremonies. The first took place on May 16 at the Sri Lankaramaya temple, where alms were offered to Maha Sanga. Ven. Duldeniye Ghanarathana Thero then presented Anushasana, emphasising the universal relevance of Buddha’s teachings, followed by blessings from the Maha Sanga upon the High Commissioner and mission staff.

Acknowledging the value of dhamma dana, the High Commission hosted a Dhamma Sermon at the Sri Lankaramaya temple with assistance from the Singapore Buddhist Association on 18th May. Attendees, including members of the Sri Lankan expatriate community and representatives from local associations, gathered to listen to Venerable Wewala Somadhamma Thero’s sermon, who highlighted Vesak significance for reflection and recommitment to Buddha’s teachings.

The Chief Incumbent of Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple, Venerable K. Rathanananda Nayaka Thero, guided the spiritual discourse that emphasised on the timeless wisdom of Buddhism.This year’s Vesak also commemorated the 25th anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution, recognizing Vesak’s global significance and the enduring contributions of Buddhism.

The event also paid tribute to the late Hon. Lakshman Kadirgamar, former Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister, who proposed the recognition of Vesak within the United Nations. Following the Dhamma Sermon, attendees enjoyed light refreshments amidst the festive ambiance created by colourful Vesak lanterns, Buddhist flags, and decorations that adorned the High Commission premises throughout the Vesak week.

Source: High Commission of Sri Lanka in Singapore