The Egyptian Embassy in Singapore hosted an art exhibition by Mrs. Sawa Elhamamsy, highlighting her diverse artistic influences and promoting cultural understanding.

On May 20th, the Egyptian Embassy in Singapore hosted an art exhibition featuring the works of Mrs. Sawa Elhamamsy, a talented Egyptian artist and spouse of H.E. Mr. Ahmed Mostafa, Ambassador of Egypt. The exhibition was a resounding success, attracting over 100 attendees, including diplomats, high commissioners, and members of the Egyptian community.

In an interview, Mrs. Elhamamsy shared her excitement about showcasing her art in Singapore, a country she considers a “Jewel of Asia.” With a lifelong passion for art, she has honed her skills through studies in various countries, including Egypt, UAE, Ukraine, Ireland, and Zambia. Her artistic journey has been influenced by classic schools of art, impressionism, still life, and abstract styles.

As a diplomat’s wife, Mrs. Elhamamsy has had the opportunity to organize and curate art exhibitions in prestigious venues like the Opera House and museums in Egypt. She co-founded the Lotus Art Group in Egypt with a friend. Dr. Zahi Hawass, the renowned Egyptologist and former Minister of Antiquities in Egypt, graced the exhibition’s opening, praising Mrs. Elhamamsy as a “great artist” with a “beautiful art exhibition.”

The exhibition featured a mix of Egyptian and Singaporean themes, reflecting Mrs. Elhamamsy’s experiences and inspirations from her travels. When asked about the role of art in bridging cultural divides, she emphasized its power in fostering international understanding and breaking down barriers.

The Singaporean art scene has warmly received Mrs. Elhamamsy’s work, with local art enthusiasts appreciating her unique fusion of styles and themes. As for future projects, she is working on new pieces and exploring opportunities for upcoming exhibitions.

Balancing her roles as an artist, diplomat’s wife, and representative of Egypt in Singapore can be challenging, but Mrs. Elhamamsy credits her family’s support, particularly her son Aamen, who attended the exhibition from Ireland.

Through her art, Mrs. Elhamamsy hopes to share Egyptian culture and heritage with the world, leaving a lasting message of unity and understanding. As she aptly put it, “Art has the power to bring people together, and I hope my exhibition has achieved that.”

Source: IN Diplomacy Reporters