SINGAPORE, 21 May 2024 – In a meeting with Sun Media Singapore Editor-in-Chief, Ms. Nomita Dhar, the Panama Ambassador to Singapore, H.E. Enrique Villegas González, expressed his desire to continue to strengthen Panama-Singapore bilateral relations through collaborative efforts in trade, maritime sectors, and educational exchanges. Both countries, known for their strategic locations as global maritime hubs, have leveraged their positions to foster mutual economic and cultural benefits.

Established in 1981, diplomatic relations between Panama and Singapore have flourished, with both nations seeking to deepen their engagement through high-level visits and bilateral discussions. These engagements have focused on enhancing trade, investment, and technological exchanges. Singaporean companies have shown a growing interest in investing in Panama, particularly in sectors such as logistics, infrastructure, and services. Conversely, Panamanian businesses view Singapore as a strategic entry point into the Asian market, taking advantage of its robust economic environment.

A cornerstone of the Panama-Singapore relationship is their collaboration in maritime affairs. Both countries have signed multiple agreements aimed at improving port development, shipping services, and maritime training. These agreements are designed to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of their maritime industries, fostering greater connectivity and economic interaction.

Beyond economic and maritime ties, Panama and Singapore have also engaged in educational and cultural exchanges. These initiatives aim to build a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s cultures. Scholarship programs and student exchanges have been established, providing students from both countries with valuable opportunities for international learning and cultural immersion.

The meeting was seen as a positive step towards deepening the bond between Panama and Singapore. Ms. Dhar expressed support for the Ambassador’s initiatives, especially as the Ambassador is trying to promote Panama’s very delicious coffee and stir interest in its liquor and seafood products.

Source: IN Diplomacy Reporters