Thailand’s strategic location, robust infrastructure, and proactive government policies position it as a prime destination for investment, particularly in the digital economy. The Thailand Digital Valley (TDV) initiative aims to establish the country as ASEAN’s hub for technology and innovation.

Thailand: A Prime Investment Destination

Thailand’s strategic Southeast Asian location, efficient transportation networks, and proactive government policies make it an attractive investment destination. With seamless domestic and international connectivity through extensive road and rail services, airports, and maritime routes, Thailand offers a favorable business environment amid rising geopolitical tensions.


Thailand has long been a business hub for the ASEAN region, thanks to adaptive transition policies, fertile soil, high productivity, and a nationwide waterway system that facilitates convenient transportation of goods for both domestic consumption and export to neighboring countries, China, and India. Amidst the digital revolution, Thailand’s investments in digital infrastructure, proactive policies, and incentive schemes aim to position the country as the ASEAN hub for technology and innovation. With a GDP of 4.5 trillion USD and a population of 72 million, including 61.21 million internet users (85.3% penetration), Thailand is investing heavily in data and cloud services to support businesses and foster innovation.

Mega Project: Thailand Digital Valley (TDV)

The Thailand Digital Valley (TDV) project, led by the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, aims to drive innovation in Chonburi province’s eastern seaboard. Spanning 12 acres, TDV comprises five buildings designed to foster digital innovation and entrepreneurship:

  1. TDV 1: The depa Digital One-Stop Service caters to all digital era needs and lifestyles.
  2. TDV 2: The Digital Startup Knowledge Exchange Center supports local startups, offering a platform for idea exchange and business plan testing.
  3. TDV 3: The Digital Innovation Center features spaces for human-centered innovation and digital technology, including labs for AI, IoT, XR, and cloud innovation.
  4. TDV 4: The Digital Edutainment Complex offers training grounds for robotics, drones, animation, and more.
  5. TDV 5: The Digital Go Global Center provides consultation for expanding into foreign markets and connects design with product development for international expansion.

TDV serves as a digital incubation hub, fostering innovation across various industries, including agricultural tech, edtech, health tech, and govtech. It functions as an R&D and training center, as well as a digital community for tech firms to enhance future growth.

Strategic Location and Incentives

TDV’s strategic location in eastern Thailand, near established manufacturers, offers proximity to potential customers and easy access to ports for importing raw materials. This location enhances efficiency and facilitates business growth. Additionally, TDV offers top-tier tax and non-tax incentives, exclusive visas tailored for the digital workforce, and extensive support for market expansion.

Incentive Packages

Tenants at TDV can benefit from various privileges, including up to a 13-year corporate income tax exemption from the Board of Investment (BOI) and additional incentives from depa. These incentives include a fixed personal income tax rate of 17%, capital gain tax exemptions, special visas such as the Long-Term Resident (LTR) Visa or Smart Visa for qualified experts, and a regulatory-relaxed environment for digital technology and innovation development sandbox.

Join the Digital Future

Thailand’s commitment to fostering innovative ecosystems and integrating high-tech digital products and services makes it an ideal location for businesses and tech enablers eyeing expansion in Southeast Asia. For more information, visit the TDV brochure and space rental details. Join us and be part of the digital future in the hub of ASEAN communities.