THE Embassy of Peru in Singapore is proud to announce the opening of the photo exhibition “Shipibo-Konibo: Portraits of My Blood,” featuring the works of the talented Peruvian photographer David Díaz. The exhibition will be held at the Central Public Library from 1st to 30th July 2024. It provides a unique glimpse into the lives, culture, and traditions of the Shipibo-Konibo community from the Peruvian Amazon

H.E. Francisco Tenya Hasegawa, Ambassador of the Republic of Peru to Singapore will launch the exhibition on the opening night. Shipibo-Konibo: Portraits of My Blood captures the intricate cultural heritage and vibrant daily life of the Shipibo-Konibo people. David Díaz’s striking black-and-white photography delves into the essence of their traditions, cosmovision, and resilience. The Shipibo-Konibo community is renowned for their kené designs, which are integral to their textiles and ceramics. These geometric patterns are a testament to their rich cultural identity and economic activity, gaining recognition both locally and internationally.

Highlights of the Exhibition include
Cultural Heritage: The kené designs of the Shipibo-Konibo, declared a National Cultural Heritage in 2008, reflect their deep cosmovision and artistic prowess.
Historical Context: The exhibition traces the resilience of the Shipibo-Konibo people, from their early complex societies to their interactions with Jesuit and Franciscan missionaries, and the impact of the rubber boom in the early 20th century.
Modern Adaptations: The Shipibo-Konibo’s adaptability in forming urban settlements and maintaining strong ties to their ancestral lands is showcased, highlighting communities like Cantagallo in Lima and Pucallpa in the Amazonian region.
Spiritual Practices: Insights into their cosmovision, which includes the use of ayahuasca for visionary journeys, emphasizing their deep connection to nature and holistic understanding of life.
Engagement and Rights: The Shipibo-Konibo actively participate in consultation processes with the Peruvian government to safeguard their rights and influence decisions on environmental and developmental projects.

Dates: 1st July 2024 – 30th July 2024. The exhibition is open to the public during library hours.
Venue: Central Public Library, Basement 1, 100 Victoria St, 
#B1-01 National Library, Lee Kong Chian Reference Library, Singapore 188064
Admission: Free