Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has written a congratulatory letter to Malaysian Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim on being the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia. Following is the congatulatory message

Letter from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

24 November 2022

Dear Prime Minister Anwar,

My warmest congratulations on your victory at the 15th General Election and on being sworn in as Malaysia’s 10th Prime Minister. Congratulations also to Pakatan Harapan for its strong performance at the General Election.

Your premiership comes amidst significant challenges in our regional and global environment. As close neighbours and friends, Singapore and Malaysia should work together to manage these challenges and explore new opportunities for cooperation.

Singapore and Malaysia share a longstanding substantive relationship, underpinned by our historical ties, multi-faceted cooperation, and strong people-to-people links. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our two countries have been steadfast partners supporting each other. The close coordination between our ministers and officials allowed us to maintain the flow of essential goods and workers, and to re-open our borders swiftly and effectively. We have also been close partners in ASEAN, which remains central to stability in Southeast Asia amidst rising geopolitical tensions.

Our bilateral cooperation has also expanded to new and emerging areas. The two recent bilateral framework agreements on the green and digital economies will create new opportunities for our businesses and peoples. While our trade and investment ties are robust, we can still do much more together to enhance openness, stability, and connectivity in our bilateral relationship for mutual benefit.

I look forward to meeting you soon, to discuss the common issues facing our two countries and how we can further advance our bilateral relationship.

Ho Ching and I wish you and Dato’ Seri Dr Wan Azizah good health and happiness.

Yours sincerely,

Lee Hsien Loong