Hatim Al-Ta’i’s palace, tomb, and his famous fireplace in the village of Tuwairan

Step into the captivating world of poetry and culture at the Hospitality of Al-Ta’i festival, as Saudi Arabia’s historic city of Hail pays homage to the legendary poet, Hatim Al-Ta’i.

The Hospitality of Al-Ta’i festival, a captivating celebration of poetry and culture, came to a successful close on May 13. Held in the historic city of Hail from May 5-13, this festival was a remarkable event that paid tribute to the renowned poet Hatim Al-Ta’i, who lived during the pre-Islamic period in the Hail province.

Organized as part of the Year of Arabic Poetry initiative, with the generous support of the Quality of Life Program, the festival aimed to introduce visitors to the life and works of Hatim Al-Ta’i. As a prominent historical figure known for his poetic mastery, generosity, and horsemanship, Al-Ta’i left an indelible mark on the cultural heritage of Hail. Today, visitors can still marvel at the remains of his palace, tomb, and his famous fireplace in the village of Tuwairan.

The festival transported attendees on an immersive journey through the life and times of the esteemed poet. Cultural activities and events were meticulously crafted to reflect the vibrant culture of the region during Al-Ta’i’s era. The festivities began with the Utba area, specially designed for children. Here, young visitors engaged in various creative pursuits, including coloring, pottery making, weaving, and bracelet crafting, providing a glimpse into the artistic traditions of the time.

Next, attendees proceeded to the Awarid area, which served as a visual timeline of Al-Ta’i’s life. The performance took spectators through the poet’s childhood, youth, and eventual transformation into a revered figure of wisdom, offering valuable insights and advice garnered along his journey. The captivating presentation, titled “About the Poet of Ta’i,” not only shed light on the symbols of Arab poetry but also delved into the poet’s flourishing life, showcasing his role as a witness to the authenticity, morals, and values of the Arab people—an inspiration for generations to come.

The “About the Life of Al-Ta’i” area introduced a vibrant representation of the poet’s social life. An interactive exhibition provided a virtual reality experience, enabling visitors to immerse themselves in the 6th century A.D. and discover the world as it existed during Al-Ta’i’s time. This innovative use of technology allowed attendees to explore the historical context and better understand the rich tapestry of the era.

In the Cooking area, the Ministry of Culture arranged live cooking demonstrations that embodied the generosity and hospitality synonymous with Al-Ta’i. Visitors were treated to a tantalizing glimpse into the poet’s family life and stories, creating a truly immersive and multisensory experience.

The Diwan Hatim area served as a stage for literary figures and poets to pay homage to Al-Ta’i through their own compositions and readings of his biography. This captivating presentation explored lesser-known aspects of Al-Ta’i’s works, shedding new light on his remarkable history and artistic contributions.

The festival, an integral part of the Ministry of Culture’s broader vision to celebrate Arab poetry icons, including Antara ibn Shaddad, Labid ibn Rabiah, Zuheir ibn Abi Salma, Imru’ Al-Qais, and Al-A’sha, exemplified the ministry’s commitment to reviving and preserving the Kingdom’s rich cultural heritage. By presenting this heritage in contemporary and creative forms, blending modern technology and exceptional talents, the Ministry of Culture aims to enhance national identity and transform Saudi Arabia’s culture into a vibrant way of life.

The Hospitality of Al-Ta’i festival in Hail captivated attendees with its immersive and enlightening experience. Through the exploration of Hatim Al-Ta’i’s life and legacy, visitors gained a deeper appreciation for the region

Sourced from Arab News