Angolan Ministry unveils transformative communication strategy to shape reputation and engage global communities.

The Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technology, and Media recently unveiled an ambitious plan to revolutionize the communication landscape of Angola. During the highly anticipated Extended Methodological Meeting held in the vibrant city of Luanda, the Ministry presented the Institutional Communication Strategy of the Executive for the next five years.

The Minister, Mário Oliveira, took center stage and passionately emphasized the significance of strategic communication in shaping the reputation and image of the Executive. He stressed that a well-executed communication plan, harmonized and synchronized across multiple platforms, is crucial for achieving positive results and enhancing public perception.

“We firmly believe that by implementing this comprehensive strategy, we will create a more effective and efficient communication framework that will strengthen and improve the public’s perception of the Executive,” Minister Oliveira enthusiastically declared.

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, Minister Oliveira acknowledged the challenges and threats faced by institutional communication. The pervasive influence of Information and Communication Technologies, including internet social networks, automation, robotics, databases, and artificial intelligence, has necessitated a paradigm shift in communication approaches. The Minister emphasized the need for constant adaptation and specialized training to capitalize on the vast opportunities presented by this evolving landscape.

Recognizing the diverse nature of Angola’s communication ecosystem, Minister Oliveira underscored the importance of collaboration among various public institutions. The Institutional Communication Strategy was designed to foster a harmonious and collaborative environment, involving ministerial departments, provincial governments, diplomatic missions, strategic public institutions, and other key stakeholders.

To ensure the successful implementation of the strategy, Minister Oliveira called upon all public institutions in Angola to wholeheartedly commit themselves to this transformative vision. He emphasized that the strategy’s impact will extend beyond national borders, with targeted communication initiatives reaching both the citizens of Angola and international communities.

The forthcoming communication actions will not only engage the general public but also prioritize internal communication within government institutions. Minister Oliveira believes that well-informed and engaged employees are crucial to ensuring the strategy’s success.

As the dust settles after the unveiling of this groundbreaking Institutional Communication Strategy, international communities eagerly await the positive changes it will bring to Angola. With its comprehensive and forward-thinking approach, this strategy aims to enhance transparency, build trust, and foster a stronger connection between the Executive and its diverse audiences.

In the words of Minister Mário Oliveira, “Our vision encompasses a wide range of entities that play a vital role in our communication ecosystem.” These words reflect the inclusive nature of the strategy, uniting stakeholders from various sectors in Angola and creating an environment conducive to effective and impactful communication.

Sourced from Angola President site