Norway proudly celebrates its Constitution and National Day on May 17th, 2023, fostering unity, solidarity, and a commitment to peace both at home and abroad.

On May 17th, 2023, Norwegian Ambassador Eivind S. Homme proudly raised the Norwegian flag to commemorate Norway’s Constitution and National Day. This significant occasion marks the adoption of Norway’s Constitution on May 17, 1814, a document that has continuously evolved to protect human rights, democracy, and social security.

Norway’s National Day, celebrated on May 17th, holds deep historical significance, symbolizing the nation’s journey towards full independence, achieved in 1905, except for the occupation by Nazi-Germany during World War II. On this special day, Norwegian children across the country joyously participate in parades, waving their flags with fervor, and are greeted by the King and Queen in Oslo. Even in Singapore, the celebrations continue in the traditional way at the Norwegian Seamen’s Mission, uniting Friends of Norway and fostering a sense of national pride.

At the heart of Norway’s national day celebration lies a strong focus on the young generation. Norwegians aspire to pass on and develop the rich heritage bestowed upon them, a society built on values of justice, equality, solidarity, and compassion for all. The nation believes that by upholding these principles both at home and abroad, they can forge robust partnerships and extend solidarity to the rest of the world.

On this momentous day, while celebrating liberty and peace, Norway takes a stand for Ukraine. Ambassador Homme, along with the people of Singapore, firmly demands an immediate cessation of the war and human suffering caused by the Russian government. This demonstration of solidarity highlights Norway’s commitment to peace and its dedication to upholding shared values worldwide.

The Norwegian Seamen’s Mission in Singapore served as the vibrant setting for the May 17th, 2023, celebration. The Embassy expressing gratitude to the dedicated volunteers, the 17th of May committee, the musicians, and all those involved in making the celebration a memorable one. Over 300 people came together to commemorate Norway’s Constitution Day, emphasizing the significance of this historic occasion.

As the celebrations unfolded, the atmosphere at the Norwegian Seamen’s Mission was one of camaraderie and cultural richness. Attendees immersed themselves in Norwegian traditions, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for their roots. Through this gathering, the Norwegian community in Singapore showcased the enduring bond they share and their pride in their Norwegian heritage.

Sourced from Norway Embassy in Singapore facebook page