High Commissioner of India bids a fond farewell to Singapore, celebrating the special relationship and shared achievements between the two nations.

Addressing the viewers with warmth and respect, Kumaran acknowledged the deep and special relationship that Singapore and India share, rooted in their historical ties, cultural connections, people-to-people relations, and shared interests. Throughout his tenure, the two nations have worked together to strengthen cooperation in various vital sectors, including trade, investment, defense and security, education, health, culture, and innovation.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought both countries even closer, as they stood side by side, offering support and assistance to each other during challenging times. This shared experience further reinforced the friendship between the people of India and Singapore.

Kumaran took pride in acknowledging the significant contributions made by the Indian diaspora to the development and prosperity of both nations. He regarded them as a living bridge of friendship and understanding, serving as an inspiration and a source of pride for him.

Expressing his gratitude, the High Commissioner thanked the Indian Community Associations in Singapore for their valuable collaboration and assistance, which played a crucial role in strengthening the ties between the two countries.

Above all, Kumaran expressed heartfelt gratitude to the people of Singapore for their trust, friendship, and goodwill. Their warm reception and hospitality had made his and his wife’s stay in Singapore memorable and enriching.

With a sense of optimism, Kumaran looked to the future, confident that the bilateral relations between India and Singapore would continue to flourish and grow stronger in the years ahead. He expressed his intention to stay in touch with the people of Singapore and cherished the hope of witnessing continued prosperity and success for all.

The video message concluded with a sincere wish for the good health, happiness, and success of the people of Singapore, accompanied by a resounding “Jai Hind” – Victory to India, symbolizing the enduring spirit of friendship and cooperation between the two nations.

As Shri P. Kumaran departs from Singapore on July 22, his farewell message serves as a testament to the deep bonds that tie India and Singapore together and the commitment to nurturing a lasting friendship for generations to come.

Sourced from High Commission of India in Singapore