The High Commission of India in Singapore participated in a mesmerizing cultural event ‘अभंगवाणी,’ organized by Maharashtra Mandal Singapore on July 22, featuring talented musicians and singers performing devotional songs.

Singapore witnessed a mesmerizing cultural event, ‘अभंगवाणी,’ organized by Maharashtra Mandal Singapore, which took place on July 22. The event showcased the rich tradition of the Bhakti movement in Maharashtra, with talented musicians and singers from the member community enthralling the audience with a range of devotional songs.

The occasion was graced with the honorable presence of officials from the High Commission of India in Singapore, who expressed their delight in participating in this captivating event. Deputy High Commissioner of India, Mrs. Pooja Tillu, and First Secretary, Mr. Samyam Joshi, were among the dignitaries present, adding to the prestige of the gathering.

The evening turned out to be a delightful feast for the attendees as the artists presented a soulful rendition of both familiar and lesser-known abhangs. The expert interpretation of Samyam Joshi and Pooja Tillu added a unique touch to the performances, leaving the audience inspired and moved. Mrs. Pooja Tillu’s spontaneous presentation of a beautiful abhang further added to the charm of the event.

In a commendable gesture, Maharashtra Mandal Singapore also extended invitations to members from various other Indian associations active in Singapore, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among different communities.

The event received overwhelming support from representatives of several social organizations and invited guests. Nearly 50 attendees relished the mesmerizing performances and enthusiastically appreciated the artists’ talent. The singers, musicians, commentators, and volunteers behind the successful execution of the event were applauded for their dedication and hard work.

This cultural extravaganza not only showcased the vibrant cultural heritage of Maharashtra but also left a lasting impact on the hearts of all those present, fostering unity among diverse communities and spreading the profound joy of art and devotion.

Sourced from High Commission of India in Singapore