Twelve companies are celebrated for their exceptional dedication to sustainability as they receive the prestigious Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards from the Singapore Environment Council (SEC).

In the face of the pressing climate crisis, prioritizing sustainability has become an imperative rather than an option. The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) acknowledges and commends companies leading the way in this crucial endeavor with the presentation of the Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards.

These 12 exemplary companies have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to effecting positive environmental change, challenging conventional practices, and embracing innovative approaches. The diversity of award recipients underscores the universal applicability of sustainability efforts, emphasizing that organizations of all sizes and across all sectors can play a pivotal role.

Encouragingly, this recognition serves as a call to action for more companies to actively contribute to our collective goal of achieving net-zero emissions. One avenue for businesses to embark on this journey is by leveraging the various initiatives and support mechanisms offered by the government, including the National Environment Agency (NEA)’s Energy Efficiency Fund, aimed at facilitating decarbonization efforts.

Heartfelt congratulations are extended once again to all the well-deserving award winners for their remarkable strides in sustainability.

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