Singaporeans and dignitaries gather to celebrate Mexico’s 213th Independence Day in a grand reception.

Singapore, 15 September 2023 – In a vibrant display of cultural diplomacy, Mexico Embassy in Singapore celebrated Mexico’s 213th Independence Anniversary with a resounding ‘¡Viva México!’ The Reception was organized by The Embassy under the leadership of His Excellency Agustin Garcia Lopez Loaeza, and the Guest Of Honor representing Singapore Government was Acting Minister for Transport, Mr. Chee Hong Tat. The event took place in the Grand Ballroom of the Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel and was attended by over 800 Mexicans, legislators, Ambassadors, government officials, entrepreneurs, and academics.

The reception showcased the deepening ties between Singapore and Mexico, with attendees enjoying a night filled with traditional Mexican music, dance performances, and a feast of Mexican cuisine. This cultural exchange not only marked a significant milestone in the diplomatic relationship between the two countries but also served as a testament to the growing appreciation of Mexican culture in Singapore.

The event, hosted by the Mexican Embassy in Singapore, underscored the importance of fostering international relations through cultural exchange. It provided a platform for both nations to strengthen their bonds and explore opportunities for cooperation in various fields. As Singapore continues to expand its global partnerships, events like these play a vital role in promoting mutual understanding and cooperation.

The Ambassador Mr. Agustin Garcia Lopez Loaeza welcoming The Guest Of Honor Mr. Chee Hong Tat warmly.

His Excellency Agustin Garcia Lopez Loaeza and The Guest Of Honor Mr. Chee Hong Tat Standing in the Honor of National Anthem

His Excellency Agustin Garcia Lopez Loaeza and The Guest Of Honor and the Acting Minister for Transport Mr. Chee Hong Tat with Editor In Chief #Nomita Dhar