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Roads General Authority ensures the safety and readiness of Saudi Arabia’s extensive road network to welcome pilgrims, implementing extensive maintenance, clearing sand dunes, and erecting barriers to enhance safety and connectivity.

The Roads General Authority has announced that the entire road network leading to the holy sites is fully prepared to receive pilgrims. Extensive safety and maintenance works have been completed, ensuring the road network’s readiness for the upcoming pilgrimage season. Over the past months, the transportation and logistics ecosystem has been dedicatedly evaluating all roads leading to the holy sites from 11 border crossings. Moreover, utilizing the latest technologies in maintenance, surveying, and assessment, they have successfully conducted maintenance on more than 7,000 kilometers of roads.

In a bid to guarantee the safety of pilgrims, the transportation ecosystem has undertaken several noteworthy projects. Notably, over 40,000 cubic meters of sand dunes have been cleared from the road area, eliminating potential hazards. Furthermore, the ecosystem has repaired expansion joints with a total length of 124,000 linear meters. To enhance safety measures, concrete and metal barriers have been erected along a length of 9,000 kilometers, safeguarding pilgrims on their journey. Adding a touch of vibrancy, approximately 600 kilometers of road surfaces leading to the holy sites have been freshly painted, creating an inviting atmosphere for the visitors.

With the aim of providing efficient services, the transportation ecosystem has gone the extra mile. More than 2,400 directional and warning signs have been installed, guiding pilgrims along their sacred path. Additionally, 5,000 kilometers of dirt roads have been paved, enhancing accessibility for pilgrims. To monitor road conditions and ensure prompt response, over 300 road monitors, field teams, and emergency-response units have been stationed along the road network, tirelessly working around the clock.

Recognized as the global leader in road connectivity by the World Bank, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia boasts an extensive road network. This network plays a pivotal role in facilitating the movement of pilgrims to and from the holy sites, enhancing connectivity, and providing a seamless pilgrimage experience. With the completion of these comprehensive preparations, the Kingdom reaffirms its commitment to providing the best services and ensuring the safety and comfort of all pilgrims during their sacred journey.

Sourced from Saudi Press Agency