Indonesian Ambassador witnesses signing of “Business Families Empowering Grassroots Enterprises” agreement between WE Empower Ltd and SUSS, supported by Meratus Line and Singaporean government, fostering entrepreneurship and environmental conservation in Indonesia.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore attended the signing of a significant agreement titled “Business Families Empowering Grassroots Enterprises” between WE Empower Ltd and the Singapore University of Social Services (SUSS). The accord aims to provide entrepreneurship training, internships, and environmental conservation through the Bamboo Project in Indonesia.

This collaboration between WE Empower and SUSS has received strong support from Charles Menaro, the President Director of Meratus Line, an Indonesian shipping company. Meratus Line has pledged a generous contribution of SGD 1 million to fund the program. In response to this corporate support, the Singaporean government has also pledged an equivalent amount.

Former Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam delivered the keynote speech during the event, expressing his approval of the initiative. He commended the partnership for combining environmental conservation and inclusive social missions. It is hoped that this collaboration will further strengthen the ties between Indonesia and Singapore within the framework of the ASEAN community.

The “Business Families Empowering Grassroots Enterprises” agreement holds great potential to empower local entrepreneurs and promote sustainable environmental practices in Indonesia. By harnessing the expertise and resources of both WE Empower and SUSS, the Bamboo Project aims to create lasting positive impacts on Indonesia’s grassroots economy and environmental conservation efforts. This endeavor also serves to foster stronger bonds between the neighboring countries and reinforces their commitment to mutual progress within the ASEAN family.

Sourced from KBRI Singapura