Enterprise Singapore sent 21 local companies and 58 business delegates to the Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit 2023 in Lucknow, resulting in the signing of six MOUs.

Enterprise Singapore has been in close ties with India in varying scopes of partnerships since the “Make in India” initiative was introduced in 2014 by the Indian Government as one of the other ways paved to establish a business-friendly ecosystem in India. These fruitful collaborations will be further deepened through Enterprise Singapore’s visit to the Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit 2023 in Lucknow with 21 local companies and 58 business delegates. 

In addition to attending the summit, the companies and delegates also visited the Smart City Command Control Center to gain knowledge and dig into further prospective partnerships. As an outcome of the event, Enterprise Singapore and the Uttar Pradesh government successfully signed six memoranda of understanding with the main focus on advancing infrastructure setup, waste management, and logistics. One of the notable MoUs in the scope of infrastructure setup is the cooperation in a pilot project initiating smart water technologies as an alternative to reduce expenses and increase the availability of potable water in Kudha Keshavpur, Ayodhya district. On the part of waste management, Vans Chemistry, an e-waste management service provider, is planning to establish a pre-dismantling and e-waste collection facility in Greater Noida to act as its base of operations in North India. Not to mention, in terms of logistics, Transworld Terminals is seeking to build a versatile storage facility in the same location.

This is a landmark set of partnerships since it is the initial cooperation between Enterprise Singapore and the Uttar Pradesh government. Although the Uttar Pradesh Government is not the traditional partner of Enterprise Singapore, this is a fresh way to start as an extension of the broader cooperation between Singapore and the Indian Government in the business sector.

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