KBRI Singapore and Pancasila University join forces to empower Indonesian migrant workers in Singapore, educating them on their rights and responsibilities, to enhance their well-being and ensure fair treatment in the foreign employment sector.

On Sunday (28/05), the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore (KBRI Singapore) and Pancasila University organized a socialization event aimed at educating Indonesian migrant workers in Singapore about their rights and responsibilities based on the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention and Indonesian regulations. The primary objective of the event was to provide valuable information and raise awareness among Indonesian workers in Singapore.

Photo: KBRI Singapura

The socialization program was a significant part of the community service initiative conducted by the Faculty of Law at Pancasila University. The event was inaugurated by the Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore, Mr. Suryo Pratomo, who emphasized the importance of ensuring the welfare and protection of Indonesian migrant workers. Prof. Dr. Eddy Pratomo, the Dean of the Faculty of Law at Pancasila University, also delivered a welcome address, highlighting the significance of this collaborative effort.

Throughout the event, Indonesian migrant workers were given comprehensive information about their rights and obligations as employees. The speakers discussed various topics, including labor laws, employment contracts, working conditions, health and safety regulations, and avenues for seeking assistance in case of exploitation or mistreatment. By imparting such knowledge, KBRI Singapore and Pancasila University aimed to empower the workers and enable them to make informed decisions regarding their employment and well-being.

As a token of appreciation and recognition, the event concluded with a ceremony to honor the winners of the “Serampai” program. The Serampai program, which celebrates the achievements of Singapore-based migrant workers during the holy month of Ramadan, acknowledged the exceptional contributions and resilience of the participants. The award ceremony served as a reminder of the valuable role played by Indonesian migrant workers in the Singaporean society and highlighted their accomplishments.

Photo: KBRI Singapura

Through this collaborative effort, KBRI Singapore and Pancasila University demonstrated their commitment to support and protect the welfare of Indonesian migrant workers. By equipping the workers with knowledge about their rights and responsibilities in accordance with international standards and Indonesian laws, both institutions aim to empower them and enhance their overall well-being. This initiative serves as a testament to the joint efforts being made to ensure fair treatment, security, and dignity for Indonesian workers residing in Singapore.

Sourced by KBRI Singapura