India launches PIO Investor Helpdesk to foster economic engagement with the Indian Diaspora, leveraging their expertise and networks for trade and investment cooperation

IN an effort to encourage investments from overseas Indians and strengthen economic ties with the Indian Diaspora, the PIO Investor Helpdesk was recently launched by Shri Piyush Goyal, the Minister of Commerce & Industry, Textiles, Consumer Affairs and Food and Public Distribution. This initiative aligns with the vision of the honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and aims to streamline and foster economic engagement with the Indian Diaspora.

The Indian diaspora has been instrumental in promoting cultural exchange and has made significant contributions globally. Their expertise and networks have played a crucial role in various domains, including business and entrepreneurship. Recognizing their immense potential, the Indian government firmly believes that collaborating with the Indian Diaspora will unlock new avenues for trade and investment cooperation.

Under the umbrella of DPIIT, Invest India has established a dedicated desk to guide and support these investors, simplifying their trade and investment journey. This desk acts as a central point for addressing the specific needs and queries of the Indian Diaspora community interested in trade and investment in India. By resolving issues and providing personalized support and facilitation services, this initiative demonstrates the government’s commitment to empowering the Indian diaspora.

Invest India’s PIO Investor Helpdesk aims to serve as a trusted partner for overseas Indians seeking to navigate India’s trade and investment landscape. The helpdesk is dedicated to providing essential resources and support to empower PIOs and help them harness the immense potential of the Indian market.

For further information, inquiries, or assistance, individuals can reach out to the dedicated PIO Investor Helpdesk at This contact information ensures that overseas Indians interested in trade and investment in India can easily access the necessary support and guidance they require.

Sourced from InvestIndia