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The 38th Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2023 presents a golden opportunity for businesses to explore sustainable trade and expand their global presence in Indonesia’s largest B2B platform.

The 38th Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) is set to take place in Indonesia, offering an expansive business-to-business platform that showcases products from seven different sectors. With its mission to foster networking, collaboration, and the exploration of new growth opportunities, TEI has established itself as a crucial event on the Indonesian trade calendar. This year, TEI 2023 aims to present the finest Indonesian export products to the global market, making it an unmissable event for businesses seeking to expand their international reach.

Under the theme of “Sustainable Trade For Global Economic Resilience,” TEI 2023 aims to contribute to the recovery of the national economy and further the development of trade in various Indonesian sectors. By highlighting sustainability and resilience, the expo underscores the importance of responsible and environmentally conscious business practices in a rapidly changing global landscape.

To cater to a wider audience, TEI 2023 will be held on a hybrid basis, combining both offline and online components. The offline exhibition will be hosted at the prestigious ICE BSD Jakarta from 18th to 22nd October 2023. This physical gathering will provide an immersive experience for participants, allowing them to engage directly with exhibitors, explore product offerings, and forge valuable business connections.

Simultaneously, the online exhibition will be accessible from 18th October to 18th December 2023. This extended digital presence will offer a convenient platform for international visitors to discover and connect with Indonesian exporters remotely. Through a seamless virtual experience, participants can explore a diverse range of products and engage with exhibitors, transcending geographical limitations and expanding business opportunities.

Marking the date for TEI 2023 is crucial for those seeking to tap into the immense potential of the Indonesian market. Whether attending the offline exhibition or exploring the online platform, TEI 2023 promises to be a significant event for businesses looking to establish trade partnerships, discover new products, and expand their global presence.

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