Angola takes proactive steps to safeguard its digital infrastructure by announcing the creation of a Cybersecurity Academy and emphasizing regulatory conditions for telecommunications networks.

Angola’s President, João Lourenço, made a significant announcement during the 3rd edition of the International Forum of Information and Communication Technology (ANGOTIC 2023) in Luanda. The President revealed plans to establish a Cybersecurity Academy, highlighting the country’s commitment to ensuring secure and robust telecommunications and information technology services for its users. Alongside this, President Lourenço emphasized the need for regulatory conditions to govern the use of telecommunications networks.

The decision to create a Cybersecurity Academy reflects Angola’s recognition of the escalating threats in the digital landscape. Rapid technological advancements have increased the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches. By investing in specialized cybersecurity education, Angola aims to train a new generation of professionals equipped with the necessary skills to protect against emerging cyber risks effectively. This initiative demonstrates the government’s proactive approach to safeguarding its citizens, businesses, and national interests from potential cyber threats.

Additionally, Angola’s focus on establishing regulatory conditions for telecommunications networks underscores its dedication to responsible and secure digital infrastructure usage. The government aims to create clear guidelines and standards that promote innovation while ensuring the integrity of the telecommunications industry. These regulatory measures will enhance consumer protection by safeguarding personal data privacy and confidentiality. Angola’s proactive stance in creating a safe digital ecosystem showcases its commitment to fostering a conducive environment for businesses and individuals alike.

The announcement of the Cybersecurity Academy and the emphasis on regulatory conditions align with the global increase in cyber threats. By proactively investing in cybersecurity education and establishing robust regulatory frameworks, Angola positions itself as a regional leader in digital security. This initiative will not only bolster the country’s technological capabilities but also attract foreign investment and drive economic growth.

Furthermore, the establishment of the Cybersecurity Academy holds potential beyond fortifying Angola’s cybersecurity defenses. By bringing together experts, researchers, and industry professionals, the academy can become a hub for knowledge exchange and collaboration. This platform for innovation and the development of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions will ensure a holistic approach to cybersecurity. The collaboration between academia, government, and the private sector will foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptation in the face of evolving cyber threats.

Sourced from Angolan Government